Need For Speed: Own the streets is the 14th game in the need for speed series and is scheduled to be released August 15th 2009.It is playable on the X-Box X-Box 360 PS3 and PS2 and Wii.In it you are Brucie Owens an kind-hearted street racer who comes back to palmont to get vengeance on Zander Rashmon.The characters from Need for speed carbon make appearances to help you out.


Brucie Owens: The main character-Volkswagen Golf GTI

Wolf: Your closest friend he used to be the leader of the TFK-Lamborghini Gallardo

Angie: Your girlfriend She helps you get back on your feet despite previous rivalries you guys may have had:1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Kenji: A guy who prefers to not be bothered he is more than willing to help you out though-Mitsubishi Eclipse

Neville: Your Bud who got cold feet and left when you and Zander Rashmon were drag racing:-Honda Civic

Nikki: A Street racer who gives you various missions some which don't have to do with Street racing overall she is nice to you-Ford GT

Yumi: A friend of Zander Rashmon who is more than willing to help you out, she knows how Zander acts.-Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti

Darius: Former leader of stacked deck he apologizes for framing you by switching the money 3 years ago-Audi Le mans quattro

Vesper: One of Zander's henchwoman.She is challenged before you challenge Zander-Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Harland: Zander's buddy who taunts you all the time he challenges you before Vesper-Nissan 350Z

Leland: Zander's 7 foot bodyguard.He doesn't prove much of a threat unless you piss him off-1965 Pontiac GTO

Oni: A Japanese guy who is Zander's closest buddy.He is as cold-hearted as Zander although he is scared of him and squeals like a little bitch when around him-Infiniti G35

Serb: A serbian guy he is very timid and is afraid of you much to Zander's amusement-Porsche Cayman S

Kamikaze: A Japanese Guy who taunts you with very predictable yo mama jokes-Mazda RX-7

Foxie" An african american woman who looks like she starred in one of them blaxploitation movies-Lotus Elise

Zander Rashmon: An black guy from the hood he is responsible for totaling your car and nearly putting you in the hospital overall he shouldn't be too hard-Opel Speedster