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Relive the first two videogames in the series as they are retold with a story mode based on or similar to that of Mortal Kombat 9 ( 2011 ) through the eyes and experience of the fighters themselves, see more of their history in their flashbacks and how Killer Instinct 1 & 2 led up to Killer Instinct 3. 


Ultratech, a Mega Corporation known for selling weapons to both sides of the battlefield, including to the other Mega Corporations as they profit off of the suffering and losses of others. But every year all the Corporations in the world put a lot on the line such as a certain number of their company's shares in the Killer Instinct Tournament, where the winning fighter gets whatever he or she wishes. Secret Agent Codename Black Orchid recruits the right people from around the world to help her bring Ultratech down for good before any other innocent life is either takend or devastated by their actions. Not realizing that she, Shaolin Monk Jago, disgraced MMA figther T.J.Combo, monster hunter Maya with her husband Tusk, Samurai Spy Kim Wu and Native American Chief Thunder (who also wants to find out that Ultratech did with his little brother/the winner of last year's tournament Black Eagle) will soon have to face off against not one, but two evil demigods, they know that they must be prepared for any and everything if they are to destroy Ultratech once and for all. 

The Killer Instinct Fighters And Their Alternate Costumes!
Name&reason for entering the K.I.Tournament Alternate Costumes
Black Orchid : To destroy Ultratech from within K.I. 2 & 3
Jago : To destroy Eyedol and Gargos K.I. 2,3& Shadow Jago
T.J.Combo : Seeks redemption K.I. 2 & 3
Chief Thunder : To find&bring his brother home K.I. 3
Glacius : Seeks freedom from Ultratech K.I. 2 & 3
Kim Wu : To destroy Eyedol and Gargos K.I. 2
Maya : To destroy Eyedol and Gargos K.I. 2
Tusk : To destroy Eyedol and Gargos K.I. 2
Gargos : To concur the world before Eyedol K.I. 2 & 3
Eyedol : To concur the world before Gargos K.I. 3
Fulgore : To kill the finalists K.I. 2 & 3
Saberwulf : Seeks a cure for his Werewolf curse K.I. 2 & 3
Riptor : To kill the finalists K.I. 3
Spinal : To kill all and return to eternal rest K.I. 2 & 3
Cinder : Seeks a cure for his living fire mutation K.I. 3
Sidera : To kill all of the past contestants K.I. 3


There is no time travel this time, so all of the original K.I. 1 & 2 fighters are all from the present. Also, Sidera is the only character in the game that is not in the game's story mode, but remains in the Arcade Mode.