Killer instinct vladtepes original concept by zeymar-d809vgh

Original sketch art

Vladtepes is an unused vampire and character that would have been in Killer Instinct 2 back in 1994 but was scrapped and never given an official name until new concept of him was made and finally given a name other than just vampire for Killer Instinct X-box One season three, but the character was again scrapped; but this time, Vladtepes was scrapped in favor of a female vampire (a vampirus) named Mira, Maya's long lost twin sister whom she thought died during one of their monster hunts in the UK some years ago.

Notes and TriviaEdit

It's possible that his original in game sprite does infact already exist in the original KI 2 arcade game, but can only be unlocked and played after hacking it. 

He is based on the vampire from the original black and white horror movie of the same name, but named after Count Dracula.

It's possible to recreate him in Killer Instinct X-box One's character creation program; however, in order to create the right/original appearance of Vladtepes, you will need a copy of his original in game sprite to memorize and look at in order for it to be 100% perfect. 

Character Bio'sEdit

Name: Vladtepes

Age: 2,055

Gender: Male

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blood Red

Weight: Appx 200-600 pounds

Hight: 6 ft and 5 inches

Skin color: Dark Grey

Birthplace: Romania

Wingspan: Between 3 & 9 ft

Alliance: Evil

Allies: Gargos, Omen and Kan Ra

Enemies: Black Orchid, Jago, TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, Glacius, Kim Wu, Maya, Tusk, Fulgore, Hisako, Agonos, Aria, Saberwolf, Cinder, Sadira and Eyedol.

Rival(s): Saberwolf, Maya, Black Orchid, Jago and Eyedol.

First Appearance: Killer Instinct 2 (1994 (former)) & TBA

Intro catchphrase: Your blood shall be mine to feast on.

Outro Catchphrase: I hunger for more…blood!

Stage Arena: The Forbidden Cemetery

Name of theme music: The Vampire


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